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First and foremost Major PR creates an omnipresence amongst business and potential clients. It will validate authority within a particular market segment as well as vertical. This also allows you to establish different distribution channels which can be exclusive to a niche or untapped prospect base. Channeling the feature through different multimedia channels, website and email marketing are often good options for generating positive interest or to be used as the basis of a business development plan or strategy. Major PR will generate more direct and indirect clients through the distribution, but also allow you to organically build your virtual identity to get into larger publications and outlets that may have not been established before you got featured. Not to mention the staying power an retention of the article and be one of the crown jewels to SEO indirectly choosing or highlight keywords that would link back to your home domain.

Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit from a Press Release

A well-crafted and carefully distributed press release is a cost-effective public relations and marketing tool. It can be especially useful or beneficial for startup companies or for entrepreneurs interested in growing their small business. When writing a press release, keep your goals in mind so that you can share them with a broad audience. It’s a great way to guarantee that information about your products, company, events, or policies are shared accurately. Southern tour operator, Sweet Magnolia Tours enjoyed coverage on a local CBS affiliate as a result of a recent media release announcing the addition of a new Savannah tour package.

Legend has it that that first press release was created by Ivy Lee, a publicist for Pennsylvania Railroad, in the aftermath of a devastating and fatal train wreck in Atlantic City in 1906. Before unsupported (and unflattering) versions of the accident could be published, he released a statement directly to journalists and invited them to the scene to encourage open communication. Media outlets were so impressed with Lee’s version of the story that many printed it verbatim. While our relationship with the media may have changed since the turn of the previous century, a press release still grants you control over your news. A press release is your opportunity to articulate what’s important to you, share your intentions behind a service, explain your product’s unique value, and to respond to claims that others may have made about you, your services, or your company.

Certainly, a majority of the media releases that enjoy widespread distribution fall into the “announcement” category. However, there’s another type of release that your company may find incredibly useful: the consumer alert release. These releases alert the public to recalls, safety concerns, security breaches and more. When done well, these kinds of releases are generally factual and informative in nature and can help diffuse potential powder kegs and mitigate crises.

If it seems like everything is about search engine optimization, well, there’s a reason. These days, SEO goes way beyond keywords and has its fingers on everything from your website’s image descriptions and alt tags, to its content, links, and citations. Although it’s pretty rare, a press release may directly boost your company’s search engine results pages (SERPs) when its URL ranks.

Go for a quick spin on Twitter or Facebook to see just how popular press release content is on social media. Search your feed for #PRNewswire. It’s pretty likely that someone will have tweeted something within the past few minutes (or even seconds). Plus, you can use your news release a point of interest for future tweets and status updates. Make a point of driving traffic to your release from your social platforms to increase traffic, generate buzz, and provide additional depth and content.

The digital world is an amazing place. News releases get saved, stored, and archived to serve as a digital record of where you’ve been and what you’ve done. If your website and social presence are content-driven (and it should be) your press releases can populated the news, media, or blog sections of your website. Nashville-based real estate investment company, Canopy South Capital Management, used the content from its recent press release to generate additional blog content and redirect readers to the company’s eBook about self-directed IRAs.

If you’re practicing real estate law, for example, don’t think of yourself as simply “an attorney.” Instead, position yourself as an expert in commercial and residential real estate transactions. Become an authority and a participant in any conversation about real estate law. A press release can help you do just that. Take a look at this release for the eBook, “A Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Real Estate Closings,” which was posted to a local NBC affiliate’s website

We’re well past the days of sealing envelopes, licking stamps, and trekking down to the bulk mail room of the local Post Office (sorry, USPS). Tools like Cision’s PRWeb can target distribution based on tagging, keywords, filters, industry, journalistic interests, and more. It also allows you to specify, to the minute, when you’d like to release your statement to the world.

Know exactly where, when, and how the media is interacting with your release. Using our Press Release Feature, we share your newsworthy updates across multiple channels including traditional news outlets and blogs. Clear, detailed reports show you exactly how many headline impressions, full release reads, online pickup, your release enjoyed. The press release may be more than 100 years old, but it still packs a wallop. If you need some help crafting and distributing your next media release, let us know, we’re happy to help. We’ll make sure that your release is written according to best practices (tone, length, links, and style), maximizes keywords, and reaches a broad audience.

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